Plant Spa, won a bursary for the Conceptual Gardens at Hampton Court and was awarded a Silver Medal. It achieved media acclaim for its originality of design.


Inspired by a desire to highlight the serious threat posed by man to the plant environment, Plant Spa offers a light-hearted insight into a not-too-distant future world; a world where the plants we currently take for granted must be pampered and protected from the hostile environment we have created to ensure their survival and ultimately our own.

Water gently cascades over three levels of a shallow circular pool, each a base for one of the clear acrylic spa pods. Each pod represents a different biome and its indicative plant species with the large pod being the Rainforest biome, the medium sized pod the Mediterranean and the small pod the Desert biome. The pods illustrate how the use of a controlled environment can be used to conserve and propagate threatened species. At the centre of each pod is a stainless steel and acrylic tree-like structure whose branches support the plants growing in a hydroponic system. The central tree structure symbolizes the trees upon which life on earth depends and which are crucial for the survival of many other plant species including the ‘epiphytes’, like the Bromeliads.

Underpinning the structural beauty and simplicity of this conceptual design is the use of mostly recycled materials and a hydroponic planting approach. Not only could this design fit fluently into a modern outdoor space or corporate atrium, but it offers myriad possibilities for adaptation. Each pod is an enclosed environment and can be tailored so that the ideal growing conditions of the plants natural biome can be recreated. It could even be used by city dwellers to have their own high tech, low-maintenance garden.

Plant Spa aims to balance and merge nature and technology. It presents a uniquely tranquil and beautiful application of this marriage, an opportunity to further connect our own lifestyles with the environmental problems we are all facing and an inspiring insight into the possible technological solutions to these problems.






SIlver Medal Winner at Hampton Court
Rainforest Plant Spa
Plant Spa at night
Close up of Desert Biome